Installation and Updating

Each eGuide uses a Service Worker script which sits between the web page and the network.

After initialisation (which runs in the background on compatible browsers) the service worker deploys a cache first strategy falling back to the network when there is no cached version such as when accessing links to external pages such as legislation links.

When no network connectivity is available the service worker continues to runs in the background serving cached content making the entire eGuide available offline.

The older form of browser caching, AppCache is being discontinued by the browser manufacturers and is no longer supported.

Service workers will not work if Private Browsing is selected or when cookies are disabled.

The service worker will install and subsequently update the eGuide in the background without any user intervention. Updates will become active the next time the guide is opened after the update has been uploaded and will replace the older stored data held in the cache.

The guide will only check for and initiate an update at login - the update will not become available until the next login. If the browser window is left open the update will not load.

If you want instant access to the latest version :-

If you encounter a problem try clearing the caches in your browser

To access the eGuide you are required to login with a username and password.

To use the guide offline :-

If you are offline you will be unable to follow external links and the guide will not be updated.

You can check to see if the service worker is operating and serving cached content by opening the web developer window in your browser and navigating between pages of the guide.

The eGuides only take up around 8mB each in storage space (about 1% of the amount of cache storage usually permitted on a desktop system). Once the service worker has installed the eGuide on your device all subsequent browsing (on-line or off-line) through the guide uses the stored cache data (except where an external link is selected) and so it will have no impact on your data usage except when updating.

The guide will run perfectly well on older browsers without service worker or any cache being installed providing a network connection to the internet is maintained throughout although speed and availability is determined by the internet connection.

When using cache you are not viewing live data (even if you are on-line) except when linking to an external resource or the eNews page.
Service workers support is available in the latest version of the following browsers - Google Chrome, Chrome for Android, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari (OSX and iOS from version 11.31), UC Browser for Android, Android WebView. It is expected more mobile browsers will soon also be supporting the technology - see Is service worker ready?

Service Worker Issues

If you find that the eGuide is not updating (compare the version number on the Portal Page with that on the Home Page) 1st try closing the eGuide then re-opening it, if this does not work then :-


1 iOS version 12.2 - service worker is now functioning correctly and will work offline on iPhones and iPads and will auto update if required when connected to the internet.

Ver 11.31 - Service worker does not auto-update - go to settings - Safari - scroll to bottom of list - select Clear History and Website Data or go to Advanced - website data to see a list - remove all website data. Return to Safari and login to site again - it will load the latest version.
Service worker will not load in older versions of iOS - older devices may not be able to upgrade to this version - the guide will still work online

Google Chrome

No reported issues - to view service worker in operation go to your web console under 'Developer'. To see if the service worker has registered type chrome://serviceworker-internals/ into the address bar.


To see which service workers are registered on the browser type about:serviceworkers into the address bar.


An issue has been identified with some Samsung phones and tablets when both WiFi and Mobile Data is turned on. The eGuide begins to load then hangs - this coincides with the devices switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data - to resolve the issue only have either WiFi or Mobile Data enabled at one time - not both. Samsung technical support are looking into the issue.

Samsung Note 8 - unable to load with Chromium but works ok with Firefox.

Samsung Tab S2 with android Chrome and Firefox - when eNews link selected from Home Page it produced an 'unauthorised' otherwise blank page. Solved - clear the browser cache and website data from the settings menu of your browser and reload/login - one of the caches was corrupted - the browser sometimes pinches some back when it needs more space - this could occur on any browser or platform.